A critical goal of both organizations and librarians is student success. However, finding ways to support student growth and maintain positive results has continued to be difficult. With the introduction of advanced technological solutions, organizations and faculty members have access to systems that are quickly mitigating the obstacles in the way of student success.

We’re exploring how institutional and learning analytics are becoming a significant factor in enabling student achievement, and how upgraded solutions from eReserve Plus can help higher education institutions see more effective results.

Faculty members and librarians need solutions to identify risk factors impacting student success.

The need for real-time data and analytics in the education sector
Despite efforts from faculty members to keep students engaged and successful, this isn’t always the outcome. According to Terminalfour, only about half of the students who start at a university earn degrees across institutions. Not only is this a significant issue for a student’s education, but it also leads to long-term adverse impacts on the university. Universities that leverage enrollment-based funding, where financial support is based on the number of students, are highly affected by students that drop out. Keeping enrollment high will be a critical factor moving forward, especially considering university enrollment is already in decline as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising tuition costs, per a report from Investopedia.

The overarching issue to consider is that students who consistently fail exams and courses have a propensity to drop out of school. This is typically due to a lack of engagement with course materials. However, if universities don’t have the systems in place needed to monitor how students interact with the academic information they’ve been given, then initiatives to improve retention, increase subject completion and reduce time-to-degree are unlikely to see success.

Overall, a lack of inadequate data and analytics within today’s university systems can lead to increased dropout rates and, as a result, lower revenue for the university. To promote both student success and program funding, faculty members and librarians need solutions to identify risk factors impacting student success — presenting the opportunity to intervene before it’s too late.

A stressed student lies on the floor  surrounding by work Real-time data and analytics in the education sector can help identify risk factors in students

Identifying risk factors and engagement for student success
Institutions continue to make every effort to increase the number of students enrolling in higher education. However, to keep enrollment and student achievement high, librarians are turning to systems that offer robust data and analytics to pinpoint students that have low levels of engagement, so faculty can intervene early and manage the situation sufficiently.

With eReserve Plus, faculty and librarians have access to powerful analytics that can adequately and effectively monitor student engagement with specific course material. This system features a dashboard where faculty can easily see if students are interacting with the relevant resources needed to pass the class, and they can also see when they don’t and take action early. This paves the way for pre-emptive intervention with students that need help, support and motivation to progress and succeed.

The features and analytics provided by eReserve Plus allow faculty to oversee:

  • The number of times a student has accessed specific learning resources.
  • Whether or not learning resources are being effectively used.
  • Risk factors that require a preventive conversation and student support.

eReserve Plus has evidence-based data that indicates that students who actively engage with their course material do well and vice versa. Student analytics data is now a key ingredient in the education experience and putting this data into practice will be a linchpin in fostering more successful outcomes. The eReserve Plus system gives faculty and librarians the chance to oversee the process and pass on critical information to other university stakeholders with the ultimate goal of promoting student engagement and effective resource usage. This provides the opportunity for faculty members to mitigate the issues of declining enrollment proactively — as opposed to focusing on these issues retrospectively.

Student success has continued to be a priority for faculty, supported by librarians, who are the facilitators and custodians of learning resources and consistently provide necessary information to the rest of the university. With the right tools from eReserve Plus at their disposal, they can be prepared to manage learning resources and student engagement adequately — which is a boon to both your student achievement and overall university success.

Leveraging educational data and analytics can help drive student success and promote university enrollment, contact us to learn more or start a free trial.