When we think of libraries, many people imagine grand structures filled from from to ceiling with hardbound books. The library system has been somewhat unique in its adoption of technology as, for many individuals, the nostalgia and familiarity associated with physical books is still strong.

While reading an e-book may never invoke the same feeling as turning the page of a well-read novel, digital media has made the access to information for faculty and librarians exponentially easier. But what other benefits are awarded by adopting a digital library system?

Increased storage and reduced costs

Looking at science fiction TV shows and films from as recent as 20 years ago, it’s clear just how far we’ve come in storing and access data in digital form. Just 20 years ago, a film where humanity has discovered faster-than-light travel and long-distance stasis still opts to use CDs as the preferred medium of storing video and information.

eReserve helps put a world of information at your fingertips.eReserve helps put a world of information at your fingertips.

After we realised that data wasn’t going to get any smaller, we focused on increasing storage to meet the growing demands of a¬†computerised world. Thankfully, the e-readers that we can purchase now store far more than just a single novel or magazine, and there is no longer the need to purchase a hundred of the same textbook for a class when it is available digitally for a lesser¬†fee.

Digital technology now allows libraries to offer a far greater collection of literature than ever before at a fraction of the price.

Our world is reliant on information that is up-to-date and accurate, with digital libraries updated with the latest versions of all texts.

Information is uniform and updated faster

Human transference of information throughout the centuries has been remarkable. From word-of-mouth stories and legends to paintings, inscriptions, novels, and now digital literature – we’ve never had greater or easier access to knowledge. One of the reasons for inconsistencies in history and the creation of mythical legends – beyond a healthy imagination – was surely the passing around of information between multiple parties.

Our world is reliant on information that is up-to-date and accurate. Digital libraries allow for the latest versions of all texts to be included as they become available, with the delivery speed of the internet making this process almost instantaneous.

Reading list approval and copyright compliance

What good is a text to a teacher if they are unable to use it? We at eReserve have developed a powerful reading list creation and copyright approval tool to reduce stress and the workloads of librarians and faculty.

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