Of all the people who help schools run successfully on a daily basis, librarians are among the most important. Their work helps to keep books and other educational materials well organised, which makes it easy for students and teachers to find the right content at the right times to enhance their education. Whether it’s literature, video or new media content you’re looking for, a good librarian can help you find it.

When you’re curating thousands upon thousands of pieces of content, it can be difficult to keep everything organised.

Unfortunately, the work of managing educational copyright is highly taxing. When you’re curating thousands upon thousands of pieces of content, it can be difficult to keep everything organised and handle logistical difficulties like managing copyright obligations. Doing all of this by hand is next to very inefficient busy work.

Fortunately, it no longer needs to be done by hand. The rise of library automation greatly helps those responsible for managing 21st-century schools.

How automation helps librarians thrive

There are numerous time-consuming tasks that librarians have to handle, ranging from tracking down material for reading lists to dealing with copyright management. According to Libraries Australia, it’s easier to take care of all of the above when the process is automated.

One of the key benefits is the ability to centralise technical services. Most librarians already have technical means in place for handling various tasks, but they might be scattered across different machines, accounts and software solutions. The best library automation systems bring everything together in one place.

This makes it so that nothing needs to be outsourced to other staff and that every task, no matter how large or small, can simply be tackled in one place. The result is that those responsible for processing reading lists and copyright are more efficient and morale is higher as well, because no one has to worry about the stress of juggling many different work responsibilities.

Passing benefits on to the classroom

If your school is able to implement a better reading list management system, the hope is it will do more than simply benefit librarians. If you’re lucky, educators and even students will enjoy the positive side effects as well.

The hope is that teachers and even students will benefit from efficient libraries.Teachers and students will benefit from efficient reading list workflow.

For the teachers, it is easier to provide students with greater context for their learning. Accompanying a given item in the lesson plan with a little extra reading material can help fill in the gaps in students’ knowledge, and this is simple and fast to do when the process is automated.

The process will assist students to become information-literate individuals with the capability to help themselves to more learning. If students from an early age learn how to find their own educational material and absorb knowledge from it, this makes the whole process of educating kids considerably faster. An automated reading list and copyright system makes this possible.

How our system works effectively

At schools and libraries everywhere, the goal is to implement reading list and copyright management systems quickly and efficiently so that students can keep learning without skipping a beat. With our approach to reading list and copyright integration at eReserve, this is indeed possible.

With eReserve Plus’ rapid copyright approval mechanism, you’ll uncover a wide range of benefits. We speed up the entire process of managing a library. Whether you’re worried about licensing, copyrights management, cataloguing, discovery or reading list workflow, eReserve Plus will speed up your internal workflows and make everyone’s lives easier.